Sunday, 27 November 2016

Stationery Sunday: Teal Speckled Fawns Traveler's Notebook

Hello, hello!

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

This Stationery Sunday, I am sharing a look at my sister's current memory capture traveler's notebook. This is the Teal leather 'regular' size notebook from Speckled Fawns.

The teal leather is so vibrant and rich-looking in person. It is almost jewel toned. So, so pretty.

My sister uses the Midori/Traveler's Factory Week on 1 Page + Memo insert for 2016 inside this notebook along with another blank insert for sticking in memorabilia from travels and such. So, this has three notebooks (known as inserts) and one zipper insert from Fourrouf. 

Felt clips are a great way to add some cutesy and colour to one's traveler's notebooks. These are from Created by Danielle on Etsy

This is what the inside looks like. There are three pockets, which can fit in your standard credit cards or in this case, washi samplers, stickers etc. 

Here is a look at the cover of the 2016 insert that my sister uses. She has customised it using stickers and washi tapes. 

Some examples of the kind of stuff we document. ^^ Samples from a washi tape haul :) ^^. 

^^ Postcards received from friends. This one was kindly sent from the lovely folks at Stickerrific. ^^

This is the olive coloured zipper insert from Fourrouf. Normally, one wouldn't use a zipper insert when the traveler's notebook already has pockets, but since my sister already had a ton of stickers and such inside it, she moved it over to this notebook. 

Here is a look at the inside of the zippered pocket- some stickers, journaling cards etc. 

Hope this was fun! 

Have a great Sunday and a terrific week ahead, folks! 

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