Sunday, 25 March 2018

Stationery Sunday//// January 2018 Bullet Journal Set-Up.


How has your Sunday been? 
Good I hope!
 Mine was chilled out. 

Watched some TV shows. 
Talked to my parents who are re-doing their bathroom and my Dad has installed a rain shower which he now claims will mean that I will not be leaving the shower! My parents are always complaining that once I enter the bathroom I never leave! 

I can't wait to go home again. 

Today I want to share my January Bujo Set-Up. I know I am super late but I just completely forgot to share these pictures. 
My Bujo set-up for Feb and March is pretty much the same but I will be sharing that soon too. 

Let's jump into it..

I used this Traveller's Notebook from The Planner Society for my Bujo. I love the floral print and the colours- pink and purple of this notebook. It has four strings and is great to hold multiple inserts and is great iff you want one place to hold multiple notebooks. For me, I like changing my Bujo every month so I moved out of it. 

This TN was offered to subscribers to purchase as a part of a special offering from the Planner Society folks. This is a Pocket of Field Notes sized TN, but with a very generous 1 inch spine, which means that this can fit upto 6-8 pocket sized inserts or even an A6 notebook or two. 

I used an insert that was kindly sent with the notebook and matches it perfectly. 

I also kept a super cute sticky notes set that came in a Planner Society Kit. This owl is the cutest plus super handy to jot down things in my Bujo and set reminders. 

The front page, decorated using diecuts and stickers from various Planner Society Kits. I kept the theme floral. 

As usual the front few pages were my Wishlist for the month and my Goals for the month. 

A small sample of some of my pages. 

I did keep two notebooks in if I needed another one to jot notes or random list making, however I didn't end up using it. 

I also used this pocket insert from Lyra and Co, to hold stickers, washi tape samplers and diecuts that I use during the course of the month. 

The back of the notebook has an inbuilt flap to hold planning supplies as well. 

Planner Goodies///

Traveller's Notebook + Diecuts + Stickers + Flower Paper Clip + Inserts- The Planner Society 

Pocket Insert- Lyra and Co. 

Pens- Paper Geek Co. and Zebra Sarasa 

Pencil Bag- La Dolce Vita 

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