Sunday, 4 March 2018

Stationery Sunday: Stamps + Washi Tapes from Washilicious.


How is this Sunday treating you? 

Mine has been super slow in part and full of manic Spring Cleaning in part! 

I've been moving things around in my flat to give my home a new look. 

For now..let's jump into some Stationery loves. 

I want to share a delightful haul from Washilicious
I mean just look at the packaging. 
Look how gorgeous! 
We barely wanted to open up the box it was so pretty. 

Just look at how beautifully the box has been decorated! 

Look at how pretty this rose gold wax seal is! 

We ordered two stamps- one which is a wishlist one and the other says 'Herbs' with a cute little botanical illustration. 

Apart from the stamps, we ordered these tiny (easy to carry on travels) rolls of Washi tape from Chamil Garden's new collection. It's called the 'Favourites' collection and each of these tapes features a beautiful abstract, collage-type design.

So, that was our cute little haul from Washilicious

Hope you have a great week ahead! 

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