Friday, 30 March 2018

Monthly Favourites/// January + February + March 2018 Favourites.


I love doing monthly favourites post and even seeing other folk's monthly favourites. 
Somehow, this year, I've been all over the place and just not ended up listing my favourite at the end of each month. 
When January ended my parents were leaving town and I was busy with seeing them off and once again getting used to running my own house.
By February end I had just come back from Jaipur and still in the throes of unpacking.
So I skipped listing faves and just got on with other posts. 
I am at least happy that I got to share my Reading Wrap-Ups for both months. 
It makes me so happy to have a proper record of my Reading in 2018 on the blog. 

So I figured I'd combine all 3 months and do a massive collective favourites post.
So grab an iced drink and let's jump right into it..

1. Travel to Jaipur/// Going to Jaipur is obviously one of my most favourite things to have happened the last 3 months. Jaipur was very high up on my list of places to go and I am so happy to have checked it off my list. 

2. Daily Journaling/// I decided in the beginning of the year to write a page a day in my daily journal. I am happy to report that I have so far kept up splendidly in my writing everyday resolution. It's so good to see all the days of the year documented and having a place to vent my thoughts and feelings. It's so healing and soothing. 

3. Pouches from Color Life/// These pouches are perfect to hold stationery bits and fit so much stuff. 
Plus, they are utterly beautiful! 

4. Silver Love/// The last 3 months have included some very lovely silver jewellery. These earrings are some of my new favourites that I bought from Silverstreak. They are so gorgeous. 

5. Turning a year older/// In February I completed another circle round the sun as always I did special things big and small to celebrate my birthday month. I had a good birthday month. I bought books and things for myself to treat myself. And I got so much love, wishes and even presents from my friends and family. It made my month! 

6. Favourite Bags/// My two favourite bags from the last 3 months are the one above- a embroidered sling bag I bought from a shop outside Hawa Mahal. It looks tiny but fits so much stuff and it so strikingly beautiful. 

The other favourite bag was my travel companion on my Jaipur trip, my Burlap People Lil Sister backpack in Lavender. I've had this mini backpack for over 6 months now and have used her sporadically but I properly used her during my Jaipur trip and loved how perfect she was to hold all of my travel essentials. 

7. Reading Life + #FemmeMarch/// My reading life has been super good in both January and March. February, due to travel and travel planning and birthday shenanigans was a bit of dismal reading month. March has been full of reading wonderful women writers and enjoying diverse voices from across the globe, I will share more in my Monthly Reading Wrap-Up. 
I have been loving my reading so far this year. 
As of right this moment, I have read 36 books in 2018! 
Not bad at all! 

8. Favourite Films/// I've been watching so many films in the last 3 months. 
Two of my absolute favourites are both Marvel films. 
Thor Ragnarok... I am not the biggest Thor fan, the last two movies were fun but not my favourites. Honestly, my favourite aspect of Thor films has always been dear old Loki! But this film was BOMB! It was kick-ass, funny and so entertaining. 
So good! 

Spiderman Homecoming was so adorable. I love Tom Holland as Spiderman. I frankly felt both the last avatars of Spiderman were both such squibs! Ugh! But this film was so good. I want to re-watch it soon. 

Other films I've enjoyed in the last 3 months are..

Get Out 
Dhananjoy- a Bengali film. 

9. Favourite TV Shows/// I am a TV addict...well almost. 
Some of the TV Show loves from the last 3 months are..

The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel which is a wonderful mix of funny, poignant and a period piece set in New York..all good things! 

I've also loved Death in Paradise's newest season. 

Apart from that I have been loving Brooklyn 9-9.
Modern Family. 
Instinct which is new but quite nice. 

10. Spring Blooms/// Nothing is better than seeing flowers blooming all over in excitement for Spring. 
Flowers just make my heart sing. 

I honestly can't quite believe that the first 3 months of the year are already done with. Where does time go?
It's been good so far in and for that I am grateful. 
I just hope the rest of the year goes just as happily. 

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