Friday, 9 March 2018

Friday Favourites: Yellow Kurta + Amrapali Earrings + Art + Spring + A Modern Classic.


Here are a few of my favourite things...

1. This gorgeous kurta/dress that I picked up from Jaipur! 
I saw this on the mannequin and I pretty much ran into the shop and was like "I want that!" 
It is so pretty and exactly what I have been looking for! 
I got it from a shop in Bapu Bazar called Sasa. 
It is a thing of beauty and in the colour of my year- Yellow!
I intend to wear it for  Nobo Borsho aka Bengali New Year next month. 

2. My sister's gorgeous earrings from Amrapali.

3. Art on Walls. 
Saw this on a fairly decrepit wall at Amer Fort, in the women's living quarters and couldn't help but wonder whose room this used to be? 

4. Spring and all the flowers that have sprung up to welcome a new season. 

5. My current read Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya. 
A book set in a tiny village in South India chronicling the simple and often struggled filled life of a farmer and his family. It is both a slice of life of these characters and a story of having hope and persevering. I am really, really loving it! I hope to finish it over the weekend. But it's one of those books that I want to savour and hope that they don't end anytime soon. 


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