Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Travel Diary: The Windows and Doors of Hawa Mahal, Jaipur.


While we were at Hawa Mahal I couldn't stop staring at it's many amazing windows, jharokhas and doors.
Little details and and gorgeous examples art and artistry. 

This door is a work of art! Look at all the beautiful details and the art! 
I could stare at it all day! 

The floral motifs on this door are a predominant feature of the Rajasthani school of Art. 

Here is one of the many famous Hawa Mahal jharonkhas or windows. It is this series of windows that creates a cooling effect in this structure, while allowing the queens and other women to look out at what was happening outside without compromising their privacy. 

Hawa Mahal looks out into a busy market place. The shops across the road and below Hawa Mahal sell beautifully made leather shoes and bags. A must-see place for lovers of bags and shoes! 

The windows also have multi-coloured stained glass on them. At night, you can see these glass panes glow with the lights of the bulbs lit up behind them. 

More arched windows. 

Yet another shot out of one of the jharonkhas looking into the bustling market across the road.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into and through the many windows of Hawa Mahal! 

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