Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Whimsy Wear: What We Wore in Jaipur Day - 1.


Since I've been documenting my days in Jaipur, I thought I'd show and share some of what my sister and I wore whilst we were there. 

This is what we wore on Day- 1. 

First with My Sister's Outfits.

My sister wore this on the flight. 
A white tunic from Westside. 
A Lehriyaa stole we got from Jodhpur. 
This gorgeous Kolam inspired necklace from Jewels of Sayuri. 

Later when it was time to step out and go sight seeing, my sister changed into this outfit. 

Kurta/Tunic- Anokhi 
Stole + Jutis- Fabindia 
Bracelet- A Silver Shop in Jaipur (bought 3 years ago) 

Now on to What I Wore... 

Arm Candy on point! 

Rose Textile Anklet (worn as a Bracelet) from Diaries of Nomad. 
Bangles from Fabindia and Amber 

Ring- Tribe by Amrapali 

Stole- OMO 

Backpack- The Burlap People 
Pins and Buttons- Ali Express 
Kurta- Global Desi 

We'll be back with more travel posts and book reviews soon!

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