Friday, 8 February 2019

Friday Favourites: Red Juttis + Uncommon Type + Winter in the Island City + Flamingo Flowers + Beauty Faves.

Happy Friday! 

Time for another batch of things I've been loving lately...

1. Ornate Juttis/// I love, love, love these gorgeous red juttis. I got them for Christmas from a friend who was travelling in Punjab on work and these are so perfect. It's not something I would have picked out for myself and honestly, I don't know when I'll ever wear something this ornate but these are such things of beauty. Maybe, I should wear them just because. They are bound to add a pop of colour to any old outfit. 

Indian craftsmanship and artistry is so incredible it sometimes blows my mind. 

2. My Current Read--- Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks/// I am loving this book. I am really taking my time with it. I have been reading this for the past week and these stories are warm, charming and infused with so much character. I can't believe I had this gem of a book sitting on my bookshelves for  over a year and didn't read it. Silly me. 

3. Some Beauty Favourites/// This Nargis body spray from Forrest Essentials is gorgeous. It smells divine, like pretty much everything from Forrest Essentials. I love it year round but it's kinda perfect for winter because it's not super long lasting, so if you get sweaty or God forbid stinky in summer, this might not be the thing for you. But it's good for milder climates and winter. 

The Body Shop Aloe Vera Foaming face wash is a staple of mine for well over a year. Super mild but effective, this removes all the gunk but doesn't leave your skin feeling stretchy or dry. I use it year round, with other slightly more heavy weight face washes, but this is my go to winter face wash. 

4. Flamingo Flower/// How utterly, singularly beautiful are these flowers? They were blooming all over the gardens in my family's tea gardens. They are from the anthurium family of flowers. Nature truly puts on the best show. I could spend hours wandering in a garden in full bloom. 

Even the leaves are pretty on this one. 

5. Bombay's Surprisingly Good Winter/// Guys, it's kinda, sorta, maybe properly cold. Still cold here in the city of dreams. And this is no short of a dream really. Every year we have a few cold days, scattered over a week and before you know it, you are reaching for the AC remote and cursing your luck. But not this year. No sir! It's been wonderful and cold and lovely. 
I am slightly cold, as I am typing this. 
Thank you weather Gods! 
Thank you for this unexpected boon! 

I hope your weekend is perfect. 
I hope to read and write and be productive. 

Happy Reading Folks! 

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