Thursday, 28 February 2019

Haul: Tote Bag + Bookmarks and Earrings from Studio Joyeeta.

Peek a boo!
A homage to the old windows of Calcutta.
My sister is obsessed with these old timey windows and we knew we had to get this the moment we saw it!


My  heart just feels so heavy these last couple of days. The idea of an impending war and killings just makes me terribly anxious and sad. I can't even begin to imagine how those in the Armed forces handle these situations and thoughts, and what their families live through. 
I am trying to keep away from the News and ignore what's happening around us but it's nearly impossible. 
I can only hope and pray that we, as a nation, see good sense and make the right choice. 
I just want any more people to die. 
Naive, I know but I don't want to see any more bodies covered with the tricolour. 
It's too hard. 

But let's look at some colour and beauty and attempt to distract ourselves? 
Shall we? 

I recently got some beautiful things from  Studio Joyeeta in the mail. 
2 gorgeous hand painted bookmarks, one of them even customised! 
A pair of earrings and a Tote bag! 

Ah! Look at her! 
A woman with a book and a bird perched on her shoulder! 
I love, love, love this so much! 
I saved this to use it during my birthday reading. 

Maa Kali's feet in all of their glory. 
So precious! 
I cannot wait to wear these! 

Benuni Rani. 
A woman with an enviable braid! 
I love the colours and details on this one. 

Once again I am bowled over with everything we got from Joyeeta who is such a fantastic artist. 
You have got to check her out and treat yourself to some of her beautiful creations. 
Every time I get something from her in the mail it just makes my day. 
It's always gorgeous. 
Beautifully made.
And it seems to me like a small part of Bengal has come into my home. 

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