Friday, 22 February 2019

Whimsy Wear: What I Wore on my Birthday in 2019.


Long time no blog. 
Life has been a little busy, in the best way possible, and blogging has taken on a back seat. 
I turned a year older last week and I got to my favourite thing- travel. A little road trip to Aurangabad. A city I had never been too before. It took us 8 hours in a car to get there. The drive was quite lovely. The roads good and there was music playing and my family around me and it was wonderful. 
I love spending my birthday in a new place. Earlier, I have celebrated my birthdays in Ooty, Pondicherry, Goa and last year I went to Jaipur. I am always happy to celebrate my birthday exploring a new place. 
Aurangabad has so much history and culture and going to the Ellora Caves had been on my travel wishlist for a while now. I am so glad I got to go there finally and see the beauty first hand. My sister was there on work and me and my family went along to keep her company and celebrate my birthday. 

I took a ton of pictures and will be sharing them soon. 

For today I want to share what I wore on my birthday.
My Birthday Dress if you will :) 

I dressed in shades of pink and purple for my birthday, which is pretty much my favourite colour combination in the whole wide world. 
I wasn't initially meant to wear this on my birthday, my sister who was in Lucknow recently, got me two gorgeous Chikan kurtas- one in yellow and the other in beige- but given that my day would consist of walking around and exploring caves and tombs and what not, it didn't make sense to wear something as light and dreamy as a chikankari kurta. Also, I had to wear keds and the mere idea of wearing keds with a chikan kurta made me sad.
This outfit sorta worked with keds. 
So I went with this. 

I added tons of quirky elements via my jewellery choices. A much needed addition of colour and quirk is always a good thing be! 

I recently got these gorgeous earrings from Vastriyan a while back and I saved them to wear on my birthday! And it went so perfectly with the outfit I put together. 


Kurta and Pants--- Farida Gupta 
Earrings--- Vastriyan 
Bangles and Pendant--- Krafted by Happiness 
Shoes--- H&M
Backpack---  Fjallraven Kanken (a kind birthday gift from a cousin) 
Phone Case--- Ali Express 

Pink and Happy! 

I loved how this outfit turned out and how utterly comfortable it was! 

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