Friday, 1 February 2019

Hello February 2019 + Hello Birthday Month + Goals for the Month.

Hello February! 

Hello My Favourite Month of the Year! 

It's my birthday month and my inner child is ecstatic. 

Be Kind February! 

Be Good. 

Be Gentle. 


Be all kinds of Wonderful! 


I am always excited when this month rolls around. 
I started my month on a happy note. 
Reading a thriller book... 

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen/// I am 25% in and I am loving this book thoroughly. I read The Wife Between Us last year and really enjoyed it, so I went in with high expectations. So far in, those expectations are being more than met.


1. Being Happy/// Easier said than done. But I want to choose to be as happy as I can possibly be this month. 

2. Buy some books. Treat myself this birthday month. 

3. Explore, both within my city and maybe outside. 

4. Read 12 books. 

5. Read some romance, tis the season and all that. 

6. Do some colouring/// It's been far too long since I've spent some quality time with my colours and paints. 

7. Figure out my birthday dress, a yearly tradition involves getting a special dress for my birthday. I still have to get one for this year. 

I hope you and me have a wonderful February. 


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