Monday, 25 March 2019

Haul: Fabric Art Jewellery from Agnik Kolkata

Hey everyone!
Hope you've had a restful and fun weekend!

I wanted to quickly share a haul of beautiful fabric jewellery that we recently purchased from a talented designer brand called 'Agnik Kolkata'.

You can check out Agnik's Instagram page here.

My sister has a mild obsession with birds! So, she asked if Agnik could create a bird themed necklace for her and this is what he came up with! Isn't this so beautiful? All the art is hand-drawn by Agnik and I love that this type of jewellery is wearable art! 

This necklace is a homage to Goddess Saraswati- the Hindu Goddess of Learning/ Knowledge. Once again, hand-drawn art and so, so stunning! The yellow colour sari of Maa Saraswati is a hat-tip to the tradition of wearing yellow on Saraswati Puja. 

A dual-paneled necklace with hand-painted hibiscus/ joba flowers! What is not to love?! This is pretty much perfection! 

Last, but not the least, is this beautiful Holi/ Dol (Holi in Bengali)-themed necklace, which bears the lyrics of a much loved Rabindrasangeet song- O re grihobashi, Khol dwaar khol, lag lo je dol.. which urges people to step out of their homes to enjoy the festival of colours (Holi/ Dol) and spring! So, so lovely! 

Have a great week ahead! 

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