Friday, 29 March 2019

Friday Favourites/// Favourite TV Shows of 2019. (So Far).


The weekend is here and is there a better time to unwind with some TV shows. 
I realised it had been a long, long time since I shared my favourite TV shows on here. And I know so many of you love these posts of mine, so without wasting anytime let's jump into some shows I've been loving in recent times. 
Most of these are on various streaming platforms, mainly Amazon Prime and Netflix and Zee 5. 

1. Abhay/// A cop drama based on true crimes. Edgy and hardcore, this is a cop show that exceeded my expectations. There have been 4 episodes so far and I have immensely enjoyed all of them. The acting is good and it's so nice to see Kunal Kemmu in a serious role. 
Highly recommend. 

2. Fyre/// This one was oddly satisfying and engaging. I knew very little of the whole Fyre festival debacle when it happened and it's aftermath, yet I was hooked to this documentary. It is so good and so sad and an inside look into a great con. 

3. Jack Ryan/// Watched this one with my Dad, who LOVED it. It is a mix of all good things-- international intrigue, terrorism, radicalisation and CIA. Interesting and keeps you hooked throughout. 
So good. 

4. Made in Heaven/// Everyone has been talking about this and with good reason. I'll be honest, when I first saw the trailers of this show I wasn't too excited to watch it, to me it seemed like a slightly more posh version of Band Baja Baraat. It it not, in the least. 
It is a posh insider look into Delhi weddings and the Delhi's upper crust. The show delves into a lot of topics such as dowry, sexual abuse, LGBTQ rights, adultery etc. and is a well-written, well performed show. 
Just don't watch it with your parents- the show has a lot of explicit sexual content :) 

5. God Friended Me/// This has been my recent obsession. It is so good! Just heart warming and sweet and full of nice and good people you fall in love with and root for. Just good vibes all around. I am 11 episodes in and so in love. Watch if you need some comfort watching and cozy vibes, plus it's set in New York which is always a good thing. 

6. Whiskey Cavalier /// A sweet FBI officer and a hardcore, tough-as-nails CIA agent. The former is a man and the latter a woman. When they work together with a rag-tag team of geniuses to stop terrorists and criminals all over the world, it is quite an engaging little show. Only 5 episodes old and quite fun to watch.

7. The Widow /// You think your husband died in a tragic plane crash, but then one day you watch him in a TV clip of a riot in the Congo. What do you do?! If you are Kate Beckinsale's character in The Widow, you go down to the civil war torn country and try to find your husband.
A super gripping series- this one is quite binge-worthy! Highly recommend!

8. The Final Call /// An Australia-bound flight helmed by a pilot, who is clearly distressed. Multiple different passengers and their stories. A smart ATC officer trying her best to talk down the pilot from crashing the plane. Why does the pilot want to crash the plane and kill everyone on board? What happens eventually? The Final Call seems to be, loosely, inspired by the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 that vanished in March 2014. A fairly interesting mini series- only 4 episodes- that leaves you wondering if this, indeed, is what happened to that ill-fated airline.

9. True Detective Season 3 /// I have had a mixed bag of a relationship with this show. The first season with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson was amazing, an atmospheric and moody masterpiece. The second season was not really my cup of tea. But this one, with Mahershala Ali is a tale split between three different time periods- 1980, 1990 and 2015. A case of missing siblings and a detective trying to find them through the years. It is slow and intense and such an immersive show. It is streaming on Hotstar. Give it a watch. 

10. Tigers /// This one is not a TV show but a TV film based on true events in Pakistan, dealing with adulteration in infant formula. Emraan Hashmi is outstanding and the story and the issue in general is hard hitting and scary beyond words. So, so good! 

Have a great weekend folks! 

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