Friday, 29 March 2019

Whimsy Wear: Bag Love- Floral Tote from Chumbak.


I carried this little sunshine tote all of January. I like to start the year with the happiest colours and this one had that and even a positive message on it. 
Stop and Smell the Roses. 
A message we could all do with. 
To pause and slow down in this crazy busy life. Seriously, some days I feel like one day blends into the next. 
We could all do with slowing down and being a little present. 

I added this little bag charm for added whimsy. 
It's from Accessorize. I picked it up 3 years ago! 

This tote is from Chumbak, but I don't think it's available online anymore, though I have seen it in some shops. 

I love the pastel colours of this tote. 
It is so spacious and fit everything I could possibly need to carry. 
The straps are super comfy and don't slip off my shoulders. 
Totally recommend. 
Chumbak makes incredible totes and backpacks. 
Gorgeous stuff! 

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