Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Stationery Loves/// What's Inside my Pen Case/ Organiser?


As someone who has a lot of stationery bits and bobs, I was on the lookout to a pencil case big enough to hold my many stationery bits and my pens and markers too. 
I got this gorgeous little organiser from Ali Express, for fairly cheap and I am so happy with it. It's so well made and it's just the right size to hold everything I need and then some. I could still fit in a ton of stuff in this. Plus it's not yet bulky or cumbersome to tote around. 

I picked this one in pink with a cat on it because Pink is everything! 

Let's see how I've set it up! 

Hello Kitty! 

This is what it looks like when it's empty, as you can see it's got plenty of room to fit all sorts of things and little compartments to keep things organised and from moving around too much. 

A look inside. 
Pens Galore--- All of my colourful Zebra Sarasa Pens, I love the pens, they are smooth and come in so many colours. 
I also have two of my Muji coloured pens. 
All of these pens are in the 0.5 version. 
I also have these mini highlighters, I got these from Wish last year and they are great. Vivid and the size makes them perfect to carry around. 
I also added some stickers in this side of the organiser. 

On the other side of the organiser, I've kept some diecuts, stickers and post-its and sticky notes. 
I also have my scissors tucked in to have easy access to. 

The diecuts are from various places, some from Tim Holtz and others from The Planner Society. 

An overview. 

I am so happy with this case. It fits everything wonderfully with room to spare. Plus she is cute. 

I think this will come in handy during travel too. 
This has been such a good addition to my planner life, it's been nice to have my things all in one place. 

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