Sunday, 2 February 2014

January 2014 Wrap-Up.

January was a great reading month. I read 17 books in total. One was a re-read and sure some of them were rather short, but I am still counting this month as a total and utter win! I hope this reading streak continues for the rest of the year and I can read wonderful books. I read mostly good book, one terrible book and I started to read one book and then just couldn't put up with a mixed bag of experience.

Here are all the books I read in January and my ratings of them...

 Loved this book to bits and gave it a 5/5! Seriously sweet! 

Pretty cover and some great stories. 3.5/5. 

Fun, classic, comforting, loved it. 5/5. 

Such good writing and just a wonderful story with just so much going on. Another 5/5. 

Really enjoyed this book and gave it a 4/5. 

Hated this book so freaking much...just no....1/5! 

I am somewhat unhealthily, madly in love with Benedict is a thing and it won't stop anytime soon. I love Sherlock and once the current series was over I needed something to tide me over. So I picked up the books! Oh man they are brilliant and I just can't wait to read more of them. Loved them! 

Rated them: 5/5

Liked was odd and unlike anything I've ever read before. I can't wait for the movie with Daniel Radcliff in it. 3/5. 

Eerie, atmospheric and nicely written..3/5. 

Loved for most part and then thoroughly disappointed. 3/5. 

Loved! 5/5. 

Loved this little book. 5/5. 

My re-read for the month and I just loved it all over again! 5/5. 

I still enjoy this book series, even though it is a bit repetitive and the mysteries are getting sparse. 3/5/ 

Such a sweet little love story. 5/5. 

How was January for you? Did you get a good amount of reading??? 

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