Thursday, 27 February 2014

Book Haul: Books of February 2014- Part II.

February was a happy and lovely book buying month for me. Given it's my birthday month I went allllll out buying books! 

All of these books are from Amazon

2 beautiful Sherlock book with the beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover! I seriously want all of these books. I am a proud member of the CumberCollective! That man makes me very happy! 

2 Penguin Modern Classics...I love these editions of books. Also I love Modern Classics. Easier to read and imminently enjoyable. 

I also added to my Penguin English Library collection by getting an E.M Forster book. 

And finally caved in and got another Random House Classics cover with seriously such a pretty Indian print on it!!! Love it. 

Hmm...the running theme of this book haul seems to be pretty books...I promise I am not that superficial, pretty as these books might be, I am more interested in the words and the stories. But the Cumberbatch books are beautiful...and I might have...just might have hugged them...for a long while! 

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