Thursday, 20 February 2014

Book Haul: Books of February 2014. Part 1

February has been a good book buying month for me. Also, for me, February is a guilt-free book buying month because it is my birthday month! Yay for birthday book hauls! :)

Here are the books that I ordered off of

I have been meaning to buy a copy of The Cold Comfort Farm for ages, but I held out because I wanted this particular cover! Sometimes, it helps to be choosy about things like that! I mean, come on, just look at these crazy cute illustrations! :) Aren't they adorable?! So super cute! 

Even the inside flap has pretty illustrations! Love! 

Here's more loveliness! 

Even the back cover is so cute! Okay, so, this is a very pretty cover. 

I love Alexander McCall Smith and so, show me anything by him and I will read it. Like the title suggests, this is a trilogy. So, yay! Three books to read! 

How cute are these illustrations?! I love the little wiener dog! 

Capriconia is the book on which the movie 'Australia' was based- you know, the one in which Hugh Jackman played, what he said, "An Australian starring in a film called Australia about Australia"! Well, that was a good movie and I think the book will be even better. 

O Henry's Gift of the Magi is one of those iconic short stories about love and selflessness which we all have read. This graphic novel version of the story is equally great and, plus, pictures! What is not to love.. See below :) 

See, so cute. 

As I gushed on Instagram, the BBC Books' edition of Sherlock's adventures each have Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover and a foreword written by the actors or the producers of the hit show- Sherlock. So, obviously, I had to get it. 

Look at how amazing this is! 

This book was for Rs. 99 and so, I thought why not try a new author! :) Sometimes, one needs weird incentives to try new authors. 

Since we really loved Lucinda Riley's 'A Midnight Rose', we thought we should get the other highly acclaimed book by her. 

And here they all are in a pile. A nice little re-cap, if you will. 

I will be back with another haul very soon. A big Birthday Haul is also in the offing! 

Have you been buying books lately? If yes, please share your recommendations and favourites below! :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I only have eyes for your bed spread!

Pooja T said...

LOL! It is pretty isn't it??? It's actually my reading's a pretty upholstery print! :)