Friday, 27 February 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 8.

Day 50: Today was all about eating leftover birthday cake! I am still tickled silly over my darling little cake. It made me immeasurably happy. I could do with this cake right now. It was so yum. :)

Day 51: Some of my winter skincare essentials. I just love my skin in winter, it gets a bit dry but I just love that my skin is so much less oilier than usual. Dryness I can handle. A little cream here, a spot of serum there and oodles of body butter and I am all sorted.

Day 52: Pages of my Hobonichi Techo, specially Washi Taped for my birthday! I caught up on some journaling. 

Day 53: My very loved Ganesha pendant. I absolutely adore...adore this style of jewellery. Hand-painted art encased in silver. I have a fair amount of these pieces and I love all of them so much! 

Day 54: Got my polka socks on and heading out for Tea at a friend's home. Another thing I love about winter is the ability to wear socks! 

Day 55: Movie time! Went to the movies to watch a Bengali film called "Byomkesh Phire Elo' (Byomkesh Returns). It is based on a much loved Bengali detective called Byomkesh Bakshi and chronicles his crime solving adventures.

Day 56: Or rather night 56 involved a post dinner stroll. I love the old-fashioned lights in my hometown. Love their soft glow and their simple roundness. I love strolling around here. Seeing the sights and enjoying the quiet of late evenings. 

This was a good week. There were spells of being slightly blue, mostly the post-birthday kind. Also...the fact that my two month holiday is coming to an end, blue funks are to be expected. But I went out for a movie and watched two others and spend some time with interesting people...all of this helps in blue funks going away. 

This was my week in pictures. Hope you had a nice week too. See you here next week...expect more mentions of being blue since this is my last week in the hometown :(((((( 

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