Thursday, 12 February 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 6.

This week was a week of recovery. I was finally better, after being sick for a bit. I was still a little weak from being on antibiotics but I still managed to go out. We also a had a ton of visitors and there was lots of snacking, tea and tons of adda. :) I also have been reading a fair bit. I make a point to read before bed. Once my parents go to sleep. The sister and I read till we fall asleep. Reading during the day is pretty impossible. With guests and spending time with my parents, reading takes a backseat. 

I also did a spot of shopping this week. :) 

It was a very pleasant week overall. :) 

Let's see my week in pictures.

Day 36: Caught up on daily journaling. I was lagging a little behind when I was sick. So I spend my evening just catching up.

Day 37: Pretty pages of my Frankie Magazine journal. I use this journal as my gratitude journal and I had missed a few days here as well. So much catch-up as well.

Day 38: I spend my mornings and afternoons on the terrace of our home. I snapped this picture one morning when it was cloudy and cold. I was playing with the settings on my camera and took this picture on the Toy Camera setting.

Day 39: My OOTD: Bright orange tee to infuse some colour in my winter style. I have been wearing this amethyst+ glitter pendant in honour of my birth month. Amethyst is my birth stone.
My tee-shirt is from Marks and Spencer.
The pendant is from an jewellery exhibition in Bangalore.

Day 40: A darling little puppet/toy came in the mail and delighted me endlessly! He is an early birthday present.

Day 41: Went out for dinner to my aunt's place and put my face on :) Wore make-up after ages and it felt good to get dressed.  This is my travel make-up bag. Full of mostly lip-products.
We spent the evening listening to my uncle talk about this student days in the UK in the early 1960s. He talked of his kind land-lady who loved him like a son. He told us stories about his various girl-friends and his misadventures in trying to find a bride. It was a fun evening.

Day 42: Painted my nails in this new shade I picked up. It sorta smells like Pumpkin Spice.

Hope you had a nice week too.

See you next week. 

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