Monday, 9 February 2015

A Day In The Life Of Me: Weekend Trip to The Tea Gardens.

A few weekends ago, me and the family set off for a weekend at the Tea Gardens. The Tea Garden happens to be one of my favourite places. A place I went to very often when I was a kid but hadn't been back for a longggg, long time. I definitely wanted to go there on my this visit. And I am so glad I got go and spend some time in a place I love.

 It was super cold and grey on the morning we left,and there were open roads and pretty village scenes to feast on. The Tea Gardens are about 2 hours away and the route is scenic. Every time I see a little village house I am reminded of the drawings I made as a child- homes with thatched roofs, fields of green and trees all over. 

On my lap, shades of pink via my bag and my woolly hat to keep warm. 

Inside my bag is pink too and full of essentials and cute things. 

My book of the moment. I read only a tiny bit on the drive and finished this book over the weekend. 

As we get closer to the Tea Gardens the forest area appears. Not as dense as they used to be sadly, but the sigh of trees, really old trees is always a soothing sight. 

Tea Gardens!!! :) Lush green and perfect.

The front lawns of the bungalow at the Tea Gardens. This is the view from my room. 

I got there and promptly changed into something comfy. Jammies and socks to laze around in and take in the beauty around me. 

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