Tuesday, 24 February 2015

General Whimsy: Travel Companions.

There are several things that give us company in our life. Trusty shoes to cushion our feet. A watch that keeps time for us. A  wallet to hold our treasures. 

On this recent spell of traveling, these things have been my constant companions. 

A bag...to hold my many things. I chose this bag for it's size. It's big enough to hold all that I need- wallet, phone, camera, wooly hat, gum, sunglasses and candy. But she is still tiny enough to not get in the way of walks and seeing things. Plus she matches pretty much any outfit I might have in mind.
My bag is from Accessorize.  

Comfy shoes...I wore the Cheetah Print shoes especially since I was going to the forest. We were told that Leopards were often spotted where we were staying. Luckily, we didn't happen to see any leopards or cheetahs. My shoes were the only spotted creatures for miles! :) They are comfy and perfect since they hid all the dirt and mud on them. 
My shoes are from Westside. 

Glasses....I need them to see all the beauty around me. I did a massive stupid and left these glasses of mine out for the entire night! And I didn't even realize they were missing. Luckily I spotted them the next morning and they lay undisturbed where I'd left them. 
My glasses are from Titan Eye. 

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