Thursday, 5 February 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 5.

This past week was a slow and quiet one. I spent a huge portion of it sick, down with a cold and flu. I am still pretty sick, coughing and sniffling. Gah! Being sick on holiday is the worst. 

But being sick didn't stop me from reading. Seeing people. Enjoying long conversations and watching movie and chilling with my family. 

So not entirely bad! 

Day 29: Wore my darlinggggg cat sweater for a lunch outing. Dressed in all black and white and felt mighty retro. :) 

Day 30: Playing with my pens. I plan on doing a What's in my Pen Bag post on the blog soon. So I spent my morning snapping pictures of all my beloved pens. 

Day 31: Started falling sick. It was a cold, foggy evening and this blurry picture does a good job at showing how I was feeling. 

Day 32: Took a walk in the evening. Snapped this picture of an old school in my hometown. This school was founded in the late 1800s. Several of my uncles and cousins went to this school. 

Day 33: A temple in my mother's family home This is a Kali temple. My mother grew up in this home and has the fondest memories and stories from her childhood. Stories I grew up listening to. I plan on going back in the day time and take better pictures of this house. 

Day 34: Details of a pretty bag. Was home bound and this was the only picture I think I snapped on this day. 

Day 35: Pajamas and sweaters. Uniform for sick days! 

This was pretty much my week. Not pictured are my tons of tissues. Medicines. Balms. And a sad little me. :( Here's me hoping next week is funner and happier. 

See you next week :) 

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