Saturday, 27 February 2016

Friday Favourites: Pancakes + Journal Pages + Sunsets + Anchor + Flowers & Nostalgia.


This week has flown by me. 
This was one busy one. Full of grown-up chores and home needs. 
I've also read some wonderful books and had yummy meals. 

Now for some of me new/recent loves. 

1. Pages of my sister's journal/// My sister has been doing an amazing job journaling and art-journaling in her Hobonichi Techo 'Original' A6. She made this little quote page with some black and white Washi Tape and wrote a quote she loves. 

2. Strawberry Compote/// Simple as can be and delicious to boot. Perfect to layer over your pancakes and waffles and even over oats. 

All you need is

Strawberry and Sugar.
Add them to a pan over low heat and them reduce and form a thick and sweet syrup.

I had mine over some Banana pancakes I whipped up on a Sunday. 

3. Anchor Necklace/// I picked up this darling little pendant from Accessorize a few weeks ago. Love the colours and the anchor symbol. 

4. Flowers/// A constant love of mine. 
This last week I've had fresh flowers at home and I can't tell you how much that makes me happy.
My birthday bouquet arrived slightly bruised and near-death but I am happy to report that I managed to save and keep the flowers alive for a week. 
Threw them away yesterday since they were all withered. 

5. Spring Sunsets/// Ah! The evening sky sometimes puts up a magnificent show at sundown. 
The soothing pastel colours and the birds heading home.
I good time to stand at my window, getting gently breezed and drinking a cup of coffee. 

6. Fresh Fruits & Grocery Shopping/// Call me crazy but I love grocery shopping.
 Truth be told, I like most kinds of shopping. :) But grocery shopping is a special thing. I used to go grocery shopping with my Dad every Saturday morning as a child. My Baba (dad) loves grocery shopping too. We'd walk to our closest super market, just the two of us and load our shopping basket with things we needed. They were some of the happiest times in my childhood. Walking down the aisles and looking and picking out fruits and if I was lucky even candy would make it to our basket. 
As an adult this love continues. I feel especially grown-up when I am grocery shopping. It's pretty much my favourite adult chore. 

Have a wonderful weekend folks. 

I plan on reading.
Watching some old movies.
Organising some of bookshelves. 


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