Saturday, 27 February 2016

Project 365 2016: Week 7 & 8.


I couldn't manage to get up my post for last week on time and so this week I am clubbing together the two weeks worth of recapping. 

Week 7 was super special. 
It had: Saraswati Pujo.
Valentine's Day. 
My Birthday! 
So I feel especially crummy for not being able to get the post up on time. 

But better late than never. 

Let's see what Week 7 of 2016 looked like in my world. 

Day 43 of 366/// Something sweet. Actually a lot of sweet things at Le Pain Quotidien. 
I had a delicious Chocolate Eclair. 

Day 44 of 366/// Maa Saraswati in all her glory. 
It was Saraswati Pujo, a day to celebrate The Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge. 
There was a proper pujo and bhog at our home in the hometown. 
This is just the altar in our flat in Bombay. 

Day 45 of 366/// Valentine's Day.
And my Valentine of choice would always and forever be Sherlock..or if I being honest Benedict Cumberbatch. The man is a dreamboat! Ah! 

Day 46 of 366/// Birthday planning and list-making. I always get a little excited a few days prior to my birthday. It's the inner child I don't want to shut out. 
Had a dedicated page in my journal to list all the things I wanted to do in my birthday week. 

Day 47 of 366/// A dinner that I loved and it took very little effort to whip up.
Fusilli in cream sauce with spinach, mushrooms, carrots and tomato. Steamed broccoli. And some chicken nuggets. 
I love home cooked meals and I love when it turns out so good. 

Day 48 of 366/// Birthday Eve. 
I ordered a Happy Meal from McDonald's and got this free toy. A Hello-Kitty-esque kitty.
She is so cute though. And it even fits me. :) Like I said, birthday is all about making your inner child happy. 
I also put on a fragrant hair mask to give some much needed TLC to my mane. 
This one from Lush Cosmetics is divine and I swear by it. Makes my hair silky smooth and makes it smell lovely. 

Day 49 of 366/// BIRTHDAY! 
I turned a year older and maybe a little wiser.
Went out with my sister.
Did some shopping. 
Ate yummy food.
Drank delicious coffee.
Wore a cute outfit.
Even went to a temple. 
Had lots of people wish me and make me feel very, very loved. 
A good day.
A great day in fact! 


Now on to Week 8! 

Day 50 of 366/// Birthday flowers. 
Pink and perfect! 

Day 51 of 366/// Sunny and windy Saturday mornings at home. 
All I did on this day was sleep and read and sleep some more. 

Day 52 of 366/// Reading and living through it in 1911 New York. 
A review will be up later this week. 

Day 53 of 366/// Bag of the moment. Colour and print on this backpack is on point. 
Got this from Limeroad from the brand Shaun Design. 

Day 54 of 366/// Books and Ganpati.
Just some home details. 

Day 55 of 366/// Coffee by my window. 

Day 56 of 366/// Blue pottery turtles that are so beautiful and so cute! :0 
Love the colour pops in my house. 

This was a super long post.

Will see you again next week with another weekly recap.
Hope your week has been wonderful :) 

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