Monday, 8 February 2016

Stationery Sunday: Planner Pages for February.


February is my birthday month and I went a little all out decorating my pages for February. 

My Kikkik Planner already comes plenty decorated and there is very little need for dressing it up. I love this. Great for lazy days and uninspired weeks. 

I love using stickers and bits of Washi Tape to slightly dress up my planner pages.
I especially love Japanese and Korean stickers. They are gorgeous and so darn pretty. I also really love paper stickers, I find them more organic and subtle.

Pages in the begining of the month. 
My pages before I write and before ink. 
I put owls on it since I have a special love for all things OWLS! 

See Owls! :) 

I love these owl stickers of mine and I love them so much I sparingly use them and I dread the day when I'll be all out of them :(

I also dressed up the front of my planner with some magnetic bookmarks from Little Miss and Mr. They look so cute and go very well with the overall theme of my planner.


I want to sit down and really go at it with planner charms and the Washi Tape samplers to really make my planner complete and with everything I need.
I will do a proper post when I am completely done personalising my planner.

Have a great week ahead folks.


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