Sunday, 28 February 2016

Stationery Sunday: Washi Tape Haul from Washi Wednesday

We recently ordered some Washi Tapes- for the uninitiated, washi tapes are decorative tapes made out of thin paper and are perfect for a variety of craft and journaling purposes- from a store called 'Washi Wednesday'.

For those of us in India, there are not too many options to buy Washi Tapes from and so, we usually tend to buy ours from Etsy. Washi Wednesday is based in Singapore and so, shipping to India is relatively cheap (compared to several Etsy stores that are based in the US) and the package is sent via Registered Mail, so you can track it. Peace of mind!

Here are some pictures of what we ordered.

Here are all of them. A mix of some pretty florals and stripes. The floral tapes are from the brand- Dailylike (a Korean stationery brand) and the stripes are from MT (the most prominent makes of washi tapes). 

A closer look at some of the floral tapes we got.. the topmost one is from MT and it has a lace and embroidered effect... while the other three are Dailylike. 

And here are two more Dailylike tapes. Love them! 

I wanted to get some subtle stripes and so, here they are- one pastel-y and one with bolder colours. Love them! 

Hope you enjoyed our little washi haul! 

Be back with book reviews next week. 

Have a good one, folks! 

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