Wednesday, 17 February 2016

General Whimsy: Birthday Eve + Joys.


Today is my birthday eve and all I want to do is focus on happy things and things that bring me joy. 

Today I did simple things... 
Ate idli and sambhar and beans and coconut sabzi, that our lovely upstairs neighbour kindly sent us for breakfast. 
Then watched some Pretty Little Liars.
Read my book The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman.
Flipped through some magazines.
Napped hard. 
Put on a delicious smelling hair mask from Lush.
Wore some seriously cool Hello Kitty glasses. Always make your inner child happy. 
Watched some random TV shows. 
Ordered 2 bags online :) 
Cleaned my fridge and living room. 
Had delicious coffee. 

A good day. 

Now on to some things that have lately brought me joy!

Happy Yellow Blooms!
Flowers always make me smile and bring me joy.

Bombay sunsets and Marine Drive at dusk is just magical.
My college- Jai Hind- was in a lane opposite Marine Drive and this place always reminds me of those wonderful 5 years.

City Lights and Colaba.
Colaba is hands down one of my happy places in the world.

Early morning and winter chill and the building opposite mine being lit up with fairy lights for their annual day function.

Winter florals and my super duper comfy flats.
Both the dress and shoes are from Forever 21.



Pragadeesh said...

Happy B'day Pooja! :-)

Unknown said...

Happy B'Day Miss Pooja!! I wish you have a happy, grand and exhilarating year ahead!

P.S - Post more book, movie, TV Series reviews and book hauls like you had done last year.