Sunday, 7 February 2016

Project 365 2016: Week 5!


Another week has whizzed by and this was an interesting week.

For the first time in forever, this was a no reading week for me. :)
And this was done on purpose. 

My parents are leaving on Monday for the hometown after being here for nearly 7 months and this week I wanted to be more present and not have my nose buried in a book. 
So I spent time with my folks and went out with them and just did other things rather had read. 
It was unsettling to not have a book on hand and a book I was in the middle of reading but it was nice too. 

I had a lot of conversations. 
Went out. 
Got my fill of family gossip.
Shopping with Dad--- we got him 3 sweaters! It's so sweet my dad is a bit of a Zara fan! :) 

Let's see how my week looked like.

Day 29 of 366/// Red and lovely.
My nail paint of the week--one of my absolute favourite nail paints. Inglot Nail Enamel in the number 724. It's a gorgeous matte red which I love so much I have two bottles of it!
Also my much loved Smith's Rosebud Salve. An essential in winter.

Day 30 of 366/// My messy, colourful and restful bed.
Love these cushion covers with a smug, dapper tiger on them. They are made by an NGO called Ranthambore and help in tiger preservation in Rajasthan. Love the bright colour, the subtle embroidery and of course Mr. Tiger.

Day 31 of 366/// Happiness!
A good mail day really goes a long way in lifting my spirits.
Got these gorgeous handmade, colourful paper earrings from Girls Think Co...they don't have a website but you can follow them on Instagram and order via email.
I will do a proper haul with all of my earrings from them.
I am so in love!
These puppets are just so gorgeous!

Day 32 of 366/// Clear, crisp blue skies for miles.
I love this time of year.
Great weather.
Gentle breezy days.
And of course this is my birthday month so it's super special to me. :)

Day 33 of 366/// Pizza party!
Aren't these illustrations and colours so pretty?
Ordered a bunch of food from Box 8 and the pizza was really nice.
Delicious food that comes in pretty packaging is a perfect pairing.

Day 34 of 366/// My first ever Sephora haul that I did in person.
I've had other people get my things from Sephora but this was my first time in store.
I liked it. And I am happy that Bombay finally has her own Sephora.
I see myself spending some happy time and some money there in the future. :)
But this time around I went to Sephora with my Dad. BIG MISTAKE. :)
Never go to a make-up shop with your Dad and hope to spend time leisurely and pick what you want.
My Dad looked bored out of his mind and wanted me to hurry up and kept asking if I really needed anything! Dads I tell you :)
I picked up some things..mostly Sephora brand because I've never ever had anything from there.
So I got a lipstick which is a pinky-brown-nude shade.
I also got a mascara that lifts and give length to your lashes.
I also picked up a Green Tea mask..a fibre mask because I've never tried one of these.
My sister picked up a Burt's Bees Honey Lip balm which is amazing. We've tried quite a few lip balms from this brand and they are some of our favourite beauty buys.

Day 35 of 366/// This is more my sister's obsession than mine but this is a part of our life again.
My sister, like so many other people, was madly obsessed with The Serial last year and we spent a lot of time talking about postulating about the case. This year my sister is a little late and perhaps a little less involved in the case. But these are early days :) Serial could once again take over her/our lives :)
I've never listened to a podcast. Or a audio book for that matter. Should I take a plunge?!

This was my 5th week of 2016.
Hope you had a nice week and I will see you again next week with a weekly recap.
Happy Reading folks :)