Saturday, 13 February 2016

Project 365 2016: Week 6!


Another week to look back on and recap. 

This was a nice week. 

My parents went back to our hometown after being with us for seven months. And it's been sad without them here and the house feels so empty. 
But my folks are having such a nice time in hometown, they have friends, family, parties and many many things to fill their time and have fun. 
We- the sister and I- have to get used to living on our own. 
This week is also the week leading up to my birthday, so I've been treating my self in ways big and small. 
Eating good food. 
Buying books.
Going to my favourite bookstore. 
Being happy. 

Let's see my week in pictures. 

Day 36 0f 366/// My Maa's new saree, a gift for a dear family friend. Blue and hints of gold and silver woven in. 

Day 37 of 366/// After a week of no reading I picked my next read with some care. I wanted to read something simple and happy yet profound and that could bring all the feels. And I chose the right book. Though it's meant for children this book was wonderful  to read as a full-blown adult. Sweet and full of such simple wisdom and kindness. I loved it. 

Day 38 0f 366/// Sunrise and light and shadow. 

Day 39 0f 366/// My birthday is a bit away but I couldn't resist decorating the pages of my planner. I added an owl. And strips of matrioska dolls and darling deer! I will add more perhaps. I am happy with the colours and cute faces! 

Day 40 of 366/// Favourite perfume of recent times. I have had this for a few months and I LOVE, LOVE this perfume. It smells wonderful and God look at this packaging. So pretty. These florals are my favourite! 

Day 41 of 366/// Shopping at Zara. 
I am a sucker for stripes and basic tees from Zara. I have motley collection of these loose tees and love how soft and comfy they are. 

Day 42 of 366/// Yummy in my tummy! 
A Turkey and cheese sandwich at Indigo Deli, this is my go-to staple meal at Indigo and I love it! 

This was my week and I loved it. 
Hope your week was nice as well. 

See you again next week. 

Today is Saraswati Pujo, a day to worship the Goddess of Knowledge and Learning and Wisdom. 
I wish I were in my hometown where we have a pujo at home. I am missing all the fun and bhog and family time. 


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