Sunday, 14 February 2016

Stationery Haul/// Hobonichi Techo + Stencils.

Hello, hello!
I hope all of you are having a nice, chilled out Sunday and Valentine's Day (if you're celebrating it, that is)!

Today, I thought I would share my little haul from Hobonichi.

If you're new to this blog and/or don't know what Hobonichi is, fear not, simply stated Hobonichi is a planner from Japan. Very simply, it is like a diary- with a page a day set up as well as monthly and (in some formats) a weekly and annual set up. What sets it apart is the beautiful Tomeo River Paper, which is fantastic at taking in inks and pigments of various types.

Last year my sister and I used our Hobonichi Techo 'Cousin' (A5 size) to document our lives on a regular basis in little doodles and such. We love looking over our year and seeing all the adventures and misadventures we've had! This year, I decided to not get a Hobonichi because I was not a fan of how thin the paper is and of the ghosting (shadow of the writing on the next page). My sister had also decided against it, but she was missing the smooth, smooth paper way too much, especially, for art journalling. So, she decided to get herself a Hobonichi Techo 'Original' (A6 size and in Japanese) with an April start date (its called the Hobonichi Techo Spring).

The Hobonichi goodies arrived in a bright yellow bag, inside which there was this pretty teal box. I love this box.. we're using it to keep our washi tapes and such. Very handy! 

Here is what was inside the box- a little booklet on how to use the Techo (translated to 'book' in Japanese)... unfortunately, it is Japanese and so, we could only enjoy the illustrations :) 

Here is my sister's haul.. An A6 size Hobonichi Techo and its cover (the yellow fabric one).. then we got some stencils and magnetic page markers. The stencils are so very handy for drawing different shapes and speech bubbles and such. Love it! 

My sister is having a blast art journaling in her Hobonichi and she may sometimes share some of her pages :)

Have a great week ahead, guys!

See you soon!

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