Saturday, 15 October 2016

A Day in my Life: Saptami 2016.

Powai Pujo.
Love the colours of this Proteema. 

Powai Pujo Pandal. 

What My Sister Wore..
Kurta- Global Desi 
Dupatta from Shantiniketan 
Kolhapuris- Colaba Causeway 

The Shivaji Park Pujo. This Pujo was on a such a smaller scale this year. The pandal was so much smaller as compared to the last few years. 

The oldest Pujo in Bombay at Tejpal Hall. 

A glimpse of what I wore. 

Shahi Tukda at Bademiyan. It was so freaking delicious! 

This was my Saptami in a nutshell.
3 Pandals.
Long drives.
Dinner at Bademiyan. (The food was very average though!) 
And lots of people watching and quality time with my folks. 

A good way to kick off my festive season. 


Ruchi Sharma said...

Lovely Pictures !!!

Ruchi Sharma said...

Awesome Pictures !!!