Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Haul/// Uniball Pens- Stationery Haul.


I am a stationery addict. 
But I guess you knew that. :) 
Stationery is one of the things that always brings me joy. 
Notebooks, dairies, washi tapes, planners and journals are all things I hold dear.
But before all of these slightly fancy things there was the simple and wonderful world of pens. 
Pens! An indispensable part of a student's life was always more than just a writing instrument for me. 
I have always liked collecting pens and not just expensive and special ones. I also adore cheap but good pens. 
Back when I was in college and had had a not so special day. Or I was in the need of cheering up or needed to treat myself I would wander into the closest stationery shop and buy myself some fun pens. 
I loved shopping at Asiatic for pens.
The good old days! 

Uniball pens have been a favourite of mine for years now. 
Their quality is superlative. 
And their range is varied and wide. 
You will definitely find something you'll love in their store. 
I recently got some lovely pens from their online store and wanted to share my picks with you. 
I got a mix of markers and pens to write and doodle with. 

Let's see what I got! 

Pens I got...

3 View Markers--with a clear tip that makes highlighting a dream and so much easier. 
An Air Micro pen which is a new launch and very smooth and easy to write with. 
2 Jetstream pens in black..these are ball pens, again very smooth. 
3 Signo 0.7 pens in black, white and brown. The white one is purely for art purposes. 
And finally 3 Eye Needle pens in orange, blue and violet. 

Some writing samples..in my sister's handwriting. 

I am so in love with all of my pens. 

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