Monday, 24 October 2016

Monday Moods: Meet my Hobesh-- A Sloth Cushion!

Another Monday and another new week!
I hope this week treats you well.
For this week's Monday Moods I want to share one of my newest LOVES...Hobesh!
Hobesh is a sloth..a cushion sloth.
I love sloths.
I find them simply delightful and sweet and slow and so freaking chill and cute.
I hope to one day meet a real sloth.
But for now Hobesh will do. 
He was my main Durga Pujo gift from my sister.
Ah! I am so in love. 
He is the squishiest of things and so incredibly well-made. 
We got it from Whistleburg, an Etsy store. 
Go check it out for some seriously adorable things. 

Look at that derpy face!
So dorky. So cute!
Just looking at him makes me so happy. 

Even his butt (back) is so cute! 

Hobbies sitting pretty with a serious book.
Fun Fact: Both Hobesh and this book The Narrow Road to the Deep North come from Australia. 


Have a fantastic week ahead folks! 


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