Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wishlist Wednesday: Totes Cute!

Aren't totes just the best?
These are some Totes I've been eying up on Etsy lately.
Look and Love. 
I love the simple aesthetic and easy chic of tote bags and ones with cute messages and illustrations are just bae! 

This darling Cat Tote is from Flat Bonnie. 
Such cute faces! 

This beauty is from Lupinette. 

Ah! This is the absolute truth. 
This gorgeous tote is from Oh Hello, SugarGifts!  
This shop has some seriously cute totes. 

Always more coffee please!
Get this HERE.

Can you tell I love cats?
This tote is from White Mall
I want it so bad! 

Another one from Elkedagelbrich 
Isn't this perfect as a book bag? 

Aren't they just totes lovely! 

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