Monday, 31 October 2016

Monthly Favourites/// October 2016.


October was a long and lovely month. 
It was full of festivity and joy and good tidings. 
You were super lovely October. 
And I read 12 books!
Not bad at all! 

Hope your October was good too. 

Let's see some of my favourites from October.
Oh..I completely skipped listing my faves from August and September on the blog.
I guess it completely skipped my mind and I didn't have that many things I loved in those months. 
But now on to October...

1. Durga Pujo/// Of course this is my No. 1 favourite in the month of October. A Bengali's biggest festival. This year I went to some 12 pandals. Ate delicious food and spent some quality time with my family. 

2. Favourite Book/// This was my favourite book bought and read in October. It made me delightfully happy. 

3. Diwali/// The Festival of Lights neatly wrapped up the end of the month.
Sparklers. Sweets. Rangoli. The best part is the general air of festivity. 

4. Favourite Nail Paints/// I finally ordered the Nykaa matte nail paints and I am so in love. 
Super pigmented and I love the very fall colours. 
A proper haul will come soon. 

5. Favourite Bag/// I got this Zara brown bag on my birthday..back in February. And finally got around to using it only now.
I love the colour and the size. Not too big, not too small.
Just perfect and it goes with everything. 

Also the pom-pom from H&M is just lovely. 

6. Bangles/// A mix of wooden and silver. 
I wore a lot of Indian clothes this month and it made me so happy. 
Plus they were the only thing that worked in this super hot month we had. 

7. The Fabulous Hobesh/// I am in love with my newest cute little cushion friend. 
His derpy face makes me so happy. 

8. My Kindle/// I read so much on my Kindle this month. And it has made my reading life so much better. 
I highly recommend on if you are considering getting one. Also the Kindle Unlimited subscription is great for trying new authors. I've read so many books by this writer called Amy Cross and I loved her books--mostly horror with very little gore. 

9. TV Shows 
October means the return of TV shows! Woot! Woot! 
Of the several returning shows and new shows, the two shows that have stood out for me are American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare (AHS) and Timeless. 

AHS has done a fantastic job this season of staying away from its tried and tested (and by Season 5 totally predictable) format by showing the story in faux-documentary format. Plus, just when you think the story is going in one direction BAM! it totally changes track and gets really interesting and twisty! Nice! 

Timeless is a show with a very interesting premise. It is about three people who are trying to stop a criminal, who has stolen a time machine and seeks to alter US history with it. Yup. This is a sic-fi meets history kinda show. So far, the trio have travelled back to the moment of Lincoln's assassination and several other historical events. We are quite hooked on to this show. 

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