Sunday, 17 June 2018

Stationery Sunday/// Bullet Journal Set-Up for April 2018.


Hope your Sunday has been a good one. 
A Happy Father's Day to all the good Dads out in the world who love and support their kids. 

For today's Stationery Sunday I am finally getting around to share my set-up for my April Bujo. I used a different sized traveller's notebook for April, an A7 and truth be told it was a little bit of a hit and miss. I think after months and months of using either A6 or Field Notes sizes I was a little uncomfortable using such a small size and had a hard time writing comfortably in it. I was so bummed out because I really, really like this fauxdori, it's so freaking cute and convenient to carry all of bits and bobs! 
I will give it a try at a later date but for now I am very happy using my Field Notes sized traveller's notebooks. 

Let's see what I used in April for my monthly planning! 

Isn't she a beauty?! 
All pink and floral gorgeousness. 

Front page decor. 
I also went a little all out and decorated the inner flap of my insert. 

The insert I used is whimsy and beautiful all on it's own. 

I used stickers from my Stickii Club kit and some die cuts from Tim Holtz. 

An extra insert for random lists and musings. 

I love filling up my front page with stickers and bits. 

Some pages. 

Stickers I keep on hand to make each page pretty. 


Traveller's Notebook- Lyra and Co. 
Inserts- Ali Express 
Stickers- Wish, Ali Express + Stickii Club 
Die cuts and Washi Tape- The Planner Society Kit 
Pens- Zebra Sarasa and Wish 

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