Friday, 29 June 2018

Friday Favourites: Madhubani Art + Pink Doors + Silver Earrings + Big Stella + Quiet + Brain on Fire.

Another Friday and time to share another batch of recent favourites. 
Let's just jump in! 

1. Madhubani Coasters: I got these a while back and find them too pretty and delicate to subject them to coffee and tea cups. So they act as a part of my home decor. 
These are from iTokri. 

2. Silver Earrings: I absolutely love these earrings from Amrapali that I picked up in Jaipur. They have such a vintage feel and are so extremely light weight. And they are unlike anything else I own. 

3. Colourful Doors: Interesting doors in vivid colours. 
This one was clicked in a cafe in Jaipur. 

4. Moments of Quietness: Being quiet and calm is such a blessing. Especially living in a city and being surrounded by noise and chaos, the ability to find a sense of peace is a blessing. I love being able to quieten down and find some zen in my everyday living. Put away my phone. Turn off the TV. Just me and my thoughts. The luxury of doing absolutely nothing for a few moments is so underrated! 

5. Brain on Fire: For my weekly film favourite it's got to be Brain on Fire which I watched on Netflix earlier this week and I loved it. 
Based on true story, this film tells us about Susannah Cahalan who is 21 years old and working at The New York Post and living her life like any other young woman, when out of nowhere she starts to lose her mind. A sudden onset illness robs her of her sanity and leaves her parents, boyfriend and doctors flummoxed. 
Powerful and scary and incredibly interesting. I really enjoyed this film and hope to read the book on which it is based soon. 

6. Big Stella in Pecan from Chiaroscuro: I have had this bag on my wishlist for so long and I am so happy to finally, finally have it in my life. She is such a classic beauty! Simple and clean lines and even though she is little-ish, she fits a lot of things quite comfortably! I am so in love! 
This was the happiest thing that happened in week! 
Check out Chiaroscuro, you'll love them. I can't' recommend them enough. 

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