Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Fashion Haul//// Textile Jewellery from Byloom, Kolkata.


My sister has been to Calcutta multiple times this year on work and every time she's there she kept meaning to check out the much loved and hyped store Byloom. Everyone from our cousins to close friends have been raving about this boutique to us and we had been dying to check it out. My sister's work schedule is mostly crazy busy so she didn't find time till her last visit to finally drop by the store and it was everything and more. 

She fell in love with so many things there and picked us a few things. 

For today's post I will be sharing the jewellery pieces we got us from Byloom. All of these are textile jewellery and all of these were wonderfully made and so affordable. I cannot wait to go to Byloom for myself! I am certain I will fall head over heels! 

Let's see all the beauty shall we? 

Yellow Loving! 
A happy yellow blossom to go with all things summery and happy. 
My love for Yellow continues. 

2 long cloth bound malas in a deep pink and a ikat black and red. So pretty and so comfy to layer on. 

What a wonderful combination of Dokra and Pom-Poms. 
I think this piece is so unique an unlike anything I've seen anywhere else. 

A happy little jumble! 

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