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Hello June 2018 + 5 Years of Book Blogging! + 10 Tips on How You Can Read More!

Just like that I complete 5 years blogging about books and reading and little bits of my life on here. 
5 years ago I decided to start this blog to document my reading life a little better, keep a record of the books I read and the books I love. 
Along the way I began to share some non-reading aspects of my life. 
In some way, this blog has become a journal of all things me. 
Reading and Bookish for most part but also all of the little things that make me happy. 
I've always had a blog in some form of another. I've had one since I was 18 years old and talked about my college life and the silly antics I got up to. I honestly can't imagine my life without having a blog. It is a huge part of who I am. 
Thank-you for being a part of this 'journey' for coming along for the ride. 

For me June has always been about new beginnings, since it meant the start of the new school year. 
New backpack. 
New books all neatly covered in brown paper. 
Names written neatly on said books. 
Tuition classes. 
New classmates, thanks to shuffling sections each year. 
Rains and gumboots and raincoats. 
June was always about new adventures. 

Be Good June. 
Be Kind.
Be Rainy. 
Be Cloudy. 
Be full of good books and good memories. 

Be wonderful and happy June! 


Some of my Goals for June are///

1. Read 20 books. 
2. Read a lot of thrillers. 
3. Drink lots of tea. 
4. Walk in the rain.
5. Buy some rainy shoes. 
6. Buy some pretty books to celebrate my Blog Birthday. 


In my 5 years of blogging and nearly 6 years of being on Instagram the one thing I get asked over and over is HOW DO YOU READ SO MUCH? 

So far into 2018 I've read 74 books. 
Not bad at all! 

On an average I read well over 200 books in a year. 
The most I've read in a year is in 2014 when I read 295 books. 
So how do I do it? 

Hmm...I like to say that reading is my super power. And that's partially true. I do read like a freaking ninja. I read fast, I've never timed myself or anything but if given the time and the right sort of book I can read a 450 page book in 5-6 hours. But that's me. 

Today I want to focus on YOU and HOW YOU CAN READ MORE! 

1. Carry a book with you at all times. I know everyone gives this tip but that's because it works. Keep a book on you at all times. You never know when you'll find the time to read a chapter or two. Keep a book in your bag. Your car. Keep a book handy. Read during your coffee break at work. Read while your waiting for your Uber to show up. Read with your meals (if you are eating alone). 

2. Read the books YOU want to read. Not the ones everyone else is reading. Not the ones that you feel like you ought to read. Not the bestseller. Not the 'it' book of the season. If it doesn't interest you don't read it. If you pick books you genuinely want to read, odds are you will fly through it and want pick more books like it and fly through those too. 

3. Don't read something you are not enjoying. 
This one is hard to do. I have a hard time DNF-ing a book. Especially if it's a book I've spent good money on. But you know what? Life is too short to read shitty books. Read books that you love and want to read and I guarantee you will read more. 

4. Ebooks + eReaders! These can be a Godsend. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kindle and I tend to read faster on it. 
I highly recommend getting a Kindle and taking it everywhere. It is tiny and holds a ton of books so you are never without an option. 
Plus you can buy a new book anytime and anywhere. 

5. Set goals. At the start of a new month set a goal of how many books you intend to read. 
It doesn't matter how big or small. Look at your tentative schedule for the month and set a goal for yourself. And do your best to stick to it. Just see how good it feels to meet your goal at the end of the month. 

6. Set a TBR. 
Look at your shelves and pick out your monthly or even weekly TBR. Dedicate sometime and plan out your reading. I find it extremely helpful to have my next set of reads lined up. That way, once I finish a book, I don't have to worry about what to read next! I just go over to my TBR and pick up the next book I want to read out of a pre-selected set of books. 
Also, there are no rules to make a TBR- it is not a science. Just look over your unread pile of books and pick 5 or 10 or however many books you think you can realistically read that month and go ahead and make a TBR list for yourself. 

7. Read during your commute. If you live in a big city, odds are commuting to and from work/college  takes up  a lot of your time. So use that time for reading. Instead of blasting tunes or watching something on your phone, read a few pages. Trust me it's the best way to tune out the crowds, noise and chaos. If you drive yourself, try an audiobooks maybe? I haven't tired listening to a book ever but I know people who swear by it. 

8. Read before bed. This is so good for you. It helps you unwind and given you a solid block of time to read. Plus it's infinitely better than staring at a screen. 

9. A litte more books and a little less screen time. For a lot of people binging on TV shows and movies is an easy way to unwind and end a long day. But when binging TV shows becomes your undisputed go to activity it's a little disconcerting, no? Plus it can't be good your eyes nor your data consumption. 
So the next time you want to watch a new series on Netflix or re-watch the same episodes of The Office for the hundredth time, maybe pick a book instead. 

10. Set aside some time for reading. If reading is important to you and you want to read more, let's put some effort and planning into it. Set aside an hour a day, more if you can manage and more on the weekends and just read. Put aside your phone. Turn off the TV. JUST READ. 
Grab a cup of tea or coffee. Just you and your books. No distractions allowed. Make this time sacrosanct. Stick to it. Document it. Make a book journal. Write down all your bookish thoughts and list every book you've read. List all the books you want to read. A little effort before it becomes second nature. 

Reading and Books are a thing of Joy. 
And with a little tweaks to your current life you can read more too. 
May be not 200 books a year, but who cares?
Reading is so much more than just numbers!
Reading and Books can change your life. 
You just have to decide to let it. 


I hope this helps. 
I have shared Reading Tips before on the blog, you can find them HERE. That was more about acing or getting to your GoodReads challenge. 

Thank you once again for following along my blog and if I've managed to recommend or share even one book that you've loved my work here is done. 

Happy 5th Birthday, Blog!
Here's to 5 More! 


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