Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Fashion Haul//// Boho Jewellery from Studio Anviksha


Today I want to share a little haul of some beautiful jewellery I recently got from Studio Anviksha. 

I had been eying these boho beauties for a while and I am glad I finally went ahead and bought a few of these unique pieces. 

I bought more earring but at the time I was photographing them, my sister was traveling on work and had the earring with her, so it didn't get photographed! 
I got 3 earrings and one necklace from the shop and I am so happy with everything I got! 

I love that there is so much going on in these earrings. So many little elements at play. This is the sort of earring you can wear and forgo any other accessory. 

This earring with it's pink and purple elements might be my favourite. 
So dainty and stunning. 
Perfect for everyday wear. 

I got one necklace too. 
I love the colours on this and I think this will go with pretty much everything I wear. 

Here is everything in one frame. 

I really love everything I got. 
The jewellery is incredibly well-made, solid and yet pretty light weight and easy to wear. 

All good things! 

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