Sunday, 24 June 2018

Weekend Reads: What My Sister and I are Reading this Weekend + Mini-Review!


Just wanted to share some reading plans for the weekend. 
My sister and I both intend to do some reading this weekend. We have plans with a friend but we still have ample time to get some reading done. 

First up, a book we both read on our Kindles today. A buddy read of sorts. 

Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman/// Man! This is one of these books that is super-duper hyped right now. It's the psychological thriller of the summer, apparently! 
Here's what I say- Meh! 
A big fat meh! 

I got to the 41% mark and was bored out of my mind. It's not poorly written or anything, it's just the premise was not what I went in expecting. The crime was just not my cup of tea. And some of the things that happened were just so improbable it made my head hurt. 
My sister didn't enjoy it either. 
Just not for us. 

I plan on reading Arctic Summer by Damon Galgut. A book based on EM Forster and his life and time in India while he wrote A Passage to India. I've had this book for a while now. At least, three years it's sat on my bookshelf and now it's time to give it a read. 
I am hoping to read this and then read A Passage to India, I want to get a really pretty edition for it too. Sadly, all I see on Amazon is some very basic editions. I am a big believer in getting the prettiest edition of classic as I can find! So I will hunt high and low to get a beautiful copy of the book. For this weekend though it's all about Arctic Summer, which I just about started and I think I will like it. 

My sister was undecided on what to read next so she turned to Dame Agatha Christie and Poirot. 
Murder on the Links in this gorgeous Facsimile Edition. She insists we get all of these books and for once I am being the voice of reason! 
We already most of the Christie books in older editions but we might donate those books to my sister's school library and treat ourselves to these beauties. 

My sister is also sorta reading End of Watch by Stephen King. She recently read The Outsider and loved it (review coming soon) and is on a little bit of a Stephen King reading spree. 

Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far in. 
Ours in finally and thankfully a rainy one! 

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