Sunday, 3 June 2018

Stationery Sunday: Flake Sticker Album Haul + Flip Through.

It feels like I haven't done a Stationery Sunday post in forever. Let's fix that, shall we?! 
For today's post I want to share a very useful stationery tool. An album to hold individual stickers or flake stickers, you can also use this to store ephemera and die cuts. 

In the last few months, mostly thanks to some Wish shopping, I have acquired a lot of flake stickers which I use pretty regularly too. I was holding them all in a pouch but it was not the best way to display all the stickers and it was certainly not user friendly. 

My sister then found these flake sticker albums from a brand called King Jim from Cute Things From Japan and we got two to organise and store out stickers well. 

I am so happy with this and how easy it makes my life. Having all my flake stickers in one place and ready to use. 

We got them in these beautiful colours- lavender and yellow.

Here's the link to the Lavender one. 

So pretty. 

Now a look inside the albums. 
All of these are flake stickers. 
And pretty much all of these were bought off Wish. You can get similar things from Ali Express and several other Etsy shops, though the best deals are found on Wish. 

Cats! Cats! Cats!  

I love these Moon stickers so much! 

Each page (if you will) has three pretty generous envelops that hold a lot of stickers. 

Plus, the file also comes with two small transparent envelopes to put stickers in and tuck them into your planner/ journal for easy use. 

The best thing about this file is that not only do you have a place to organise all your flake stickers but you can quickly flip through and see which ones you want to use for a particular page or spread. 

Highly, highly recommend if you are a fellow sticker lover! 

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