Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March 2014 Wrap-Up!

March was a bit of a weird reading month. I read some great books but...but I didn't fully enjoy my reading experience. I started a few books but didn't end up finishing them and I hate when that happens. It irks me when I can't finish a book I start. I feel like a massive loser. Gah!

But overall, this was good reading month. I read 15 books in total and that included some classics and a re-read! Yay! I love when my reading month includes all the things I want do reading-wise in the year. I wanted to read classics and I am so glad I keeping my Reading Resolution.

So here are all the books I read in March.

I really enjoyed this book. More than I thought I would. I loved most of the stories and really had a good time reading this book. I gave it a 4/5 stars on GoodReads.

I enjoyed this book only moderately. Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind to enjoy it. I will get back to this book on a later date. On this reading, I gave Franny and Zooey a 3/5.

I really had high expectations from this book, since it's written by Eunice D'Souza. I have read and enjoyed poems by her, when I was in college. But this book was just blah...blah...blah. Pointless, boring and very averagely written. I didn't care about any character in this book. 2/5...and I am being generous!

Hehe!!! This book and it's cover just makes me laugh! But this was enjoyable enough. Very, timepass! Fun. 3/5.

I like this book a lot. Surprisingly, a lot. It helped me get out of my reading slump. I'll do a full review soon! 4/5 stars.

Enjoyed, the book above, hated the one below.

Another sweet, little book that helped with my reading ennui. My first Sudha Murthy book. I want to read more of her writing and soon. 4/5 stars for this one.

God, I love Truman Capote! LOVE LOVE LOVE! He is such a fantastic writer! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Short stories, people portraits and a true-crime novella- this book had all of this. LOVED it. 5/5 stars without a doubt!

Some good old love-sex-chemistry-type of thing. 2/5. I didn't really enjoy it. But it was a quick read.

My Agatha Christie read of the month. I LOVED it. One of the best AC books I 've read. One of my favourite stories. 5/5.

Smut. Pure and simple smut. Not half-bad though. 2/5.

This book sounded interesting...and it was interesting...I will do a proper review soon. 2/5.

My re-read for the month. I just love all things Jhumpa Lahiri. This though is my least favourite of her works. I liked this book more this time around. I gave it a 4/5 star.

I love Chimamanda's writing and the stories she tells. I really loved this book. It broke my heart and I learnt so much. One of the best book I read this past month. 4/5. A full review is coming up soon.

I adore Sarah Waters. I loved this book, even though I went ahead and spoiled myself on some of the awesome spoilers! I am so mad at myself! 3/5. I will re-read this at some point and hopefully by then the spoilers won't matter!

Phew! That took a while to do! Which is why I often bail on Wrap-Ups! 

My April TBR post will be up shortly. I want to read some summery books. Lets see what's on my bookshelves and if they lend themselves to plan of summer reads. 

What did you guys read this month? 

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