Thursday, 17 April 2014

Book Haul: Books of April 2014- Part I.

Already read and loved. I can't believe I hadn't read this book all these years. The book was sweet, simple and heart-warming. Also this cover is so pretty. 

Also read and loved this book. Agatha Christie books make me sooooo happy! 

Currently reading this book and enjoying this immensely. It's soooooo funny! Love it! So glad I picked it up! 

I read a novel of Sudha Murthy last month and really enjoyed it, so promptly ordered 2 more books by her! I hope I like these just as much :) 

I've wanted to read more graphic novels and have heard nothing but good things about Sarnath Banerjee. 

Read this, in fact, finished it a day ago and moderately enjoyed it. I wanted to try a new author and saw this book on Flipkart and decided to give it a go. I loved the setting and the premise of this book, the writing was decent too...but some of the plot points were a little....too dramatic, melo-dramatic...over-the-top. A 3 star read for me. 

What a colourful bunch of books! I love the varied books I've picked up in this bunch. I have 2 other book hauls coming up soon! 

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