Thursday, 10 April 2014

Vignettes: Pretty Things.

1. Fox! Mr. Fox here is a favourite of mine. His sweet little face always makes me smile and perks up any outfit. He is from Accessorize, from a few season back. 

2. Cute little rose-gold flats and a darling little satchel. These shoes are the comfiest things ever. 

The shoes are from Westside. 
The satchel is from Accessorize. I want it in every colour, I currently have it in yellow and blue, as well. 

3. A bird and a notebook. I love these old-fashioned style notebooks, something so organic about them. 

4. Lights in my house. Odd shapes and floral embossed. I love these lantern style lights and can't imagine any house of mine without these. 

5. A cow mug, this is really old, a gift from my sister's friend from Geneva. It's even got udders in the underbelly, sadly the china is a little too brittle to put drinks in. :( But it's still gorgeous. 

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