Thursday, 24 April 2014

Book Haul: April eBooks!

I am currently reading this book, it's about a girl, called Sophie, who gets addicted to prescription pain-killers after a car crash at 14. but she manages to kick her addiction and get sober. Then at 17, her best-friend is killed by a masked murdered and no one in her small-town believes her when she says she hasn't relapsed and this was not a drug related murder. She then sets off trying to find out what 
happened to her best friend. So it's part murder mystery and part about a love-triangle-complicated relationship, with some LGBT issues thrown in. I am really enjoying this book. It's very well-written and I am curious to see where this book ends up.

Hehe!! I went a little bonkers and got the 60 Goosebumps books by R.L Stine!!!! I loved these books when I was a kid. I enjoyed the little scary stories. I am going to read these books between books, or if I can't decide what I want to read next. These are only 120 pages long and go by really quickly. I am thinking of them as my book palette cleansers. But they are soooo much fun! :) 

A book set in Malaysia, about a young orphan girl who marries a dead man from a rich family, yeah, a dead man, a custom that was prevalent in Malaysia. So she becomes a ghost bride and begins her new life in among this affluent family. It sounds super amazing and I cannot wait to read about this really strange yet intriguing custom and read about Malaysia! 

The premise of this book sounds so fun- it's about a girl who gets diagnosed with Cancer and is told that she doesn't have much long to live. Instead of getting overwhelmed with her disease, she decides to make the most of her death sentence and goes about her life, telling the people in her life exactly what she thinks of them. She tells people off, gives them a piece of her get the picture. Only she doesn't die. She goes into remission! 

Fun right?! I really cannot wait to read this! So fun! 

A 11 year old sleuth...who likes poisons and mysteries! Also it's set in the 1950s in a crumbling house in Britain. What's not to love!??? My sister is currently reading this and is intrigued. 

I love loading up my Kindle, it's good to have so many eBook options to choose from. My Kindle currently has some 206 books! I am a book hoarder, no matter what format!  

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