Sunday, 10 April 2016

Stationery Sunday: A6 Chic Sparrow Mr. Darcy in Buttered Rum

Hello all!
There is a new, lovely Traveler's Notebook in my life, which I wanted to share with all of you.

In the world of Traveler's Notebooks, one of the most loved brands is Chic Sparrow. Jennifer Harvey is a fantastic artisan and she has constantly pushed the envelope with design and leather innovation. So, I was so excited when the leather I wanted- Mr. Darcy (named thusly because it is perfection!) in Buttered Rum- was back in stock. I placed an order for an A6 size double quick! 

I opted for an A6 size so that I could put in my Hobonichi Techo in it if I felt like it. Right now, my Mr. Darcy has an art notebook for doodling and water colour art as well as a bunch of other notebooks for journaling and list making. 
The leather is soft, supple and with use it becomes more and more matte. This leather also scratches and scuffs very easily and so all your memories are etched on to it. 

Here is what the inside looks like! Those scalloped pockets are cute and super-functional! Love them! The pen loop is also very generously sized and fits my fountain pens as well. 

Here is a closer look at the stitching and the brand name. 

Here are the two notebooks that I picked up from Kitaab Khana.. they are from the Victoria & Albert Museum and the paper quality is simply stunning! Look at how pretty the cover is! 

Here is the other notebook. Love it! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this little peek into my newest Traveler's Notebook. The craftsmanship and quality of this notebook is simply outstanding! 

Have a great week ahead, guys! 

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