Thursday, 14 April 2016

Subho NoboBorsho~~~ Bengali New Year- 1423 + Current Reads.


Today is the first day of Boishak.
Poila Boishak and the first day of the Bengali New Year. 

Subho Noboborsho to fellow Bengalis. 

It is a big day for Bengalis. 
A day of celebration and joy and good food. 


My day was a day of good food.
And lots of planning. 

I am currently reading this..

The Way Home Edited by Aruna Chakravarti. 14 short stories from contemporary Bengal. 
I am loving these stories. 
They are just the perfect thing to read for Bengali New Year.
I am nerd and I like reading suitable things during suitable times 

I have had a lovely day. 


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