Sunday, 17 April 2016

Stationery Sunday: What's in my Pencil Bag? + Art Supplies!

For today's edition of Stationery Sunday I want to share a look inside my sister's pencil bag.
My sister is a an avid journal-er and a stationery nerd and she loves art and illustrations too. So her pencil bag houses all of her favourite art supplies and pens and stationery bits. 
I thought it will be interesting to see what she uses on a daily basis and some of her favourite stationery bits. 

Let's see shall we..

The pouch is from Forever 21.
It's actually a make-up pouch but it works so well as a pencil pouch.
I love the little arrows and it's a velvet finish and it fits a ton of stuff. 

A look inside. 
Full of Washi Tapes! 

This Sakura Koi Field Water Colour Set of 12 watercolours is my sister's go-to watercolours for quick doodling, painting and other such fun art projects in her journal. The colours are rich and smooth and very vibrant. 

We have been using these watercolours (brought off of Flipkart) for about a year and a half now and we highly recommend these for anyone who wants a good set of watercolours that are high quality and very portable. Also, since the pigments are very rich, you need very little of these to get a very rich colour. 

Sakura Micron pens are fab for doodling and illustrations. The brush pens are good for practising calligraphy and, generally, for getting 2-3 different kinds of line thickness while captioning or writing page titles. 

A bunch of washi tapes.. because they are pretty and make pages in one's journal look pretty.. very effortless to cart these around if you make little samplers out of them. Use any piece of laminate and add tapes of your choice to make yourself a handy sampler that you can cart around in your journal or pencil bag. 

Ink pens of the moment. These keep changing depending on my sister's mood or what she feels like carrying/using. Lamy is a great brand, but if you'd like a started ink pen then the good old Hero or Parker fountain pens are a good place to start. 

Here is a look at all the pens. Some for art, some for highlighting and some for writing. 

So, that's all that lives in my sister's pencil bag! She does not take this along with her in her handbag.. this stays at home and is used when she sits down to journal. She has a far more minimal version for her handbag.. mostly fountain pens and a mechanical pencil live in that one.. 

Hope you guys enjoyed looking into my sister's pencil bag! 

Do you carry any fun things in your pencil bag? If yes, let us know!

Have a great week ahead, guys!

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